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“Blue culture is the passion that we have for what we do, the level of excellence that we try to achieve each and every day, the care about the service we provide to people, and maybe more importantly the care about the people that we deal with.”

Elaine Taylor is MCAP’s Vice President of Sales.

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Interesting journeys make for interesting people. And for Elaine Taylor, that journey was one characterized by impactful relationships and her passion for people. After an early retirement following 20 years in the real estate and relocation industry, a relationship led to her finding a new passion in mortgages at MCAP nearly 14 years ago. “It was a very good friend of mine who happened to be working in banking and mortgages who said ‘You are so strong in management, you know real estate, you can learn mortgages. Come over and try this!’ so I did.” Elaine combined her past experience in the real estate industry and dove right into mortgages, establishing herself as a compassionate, people-focused leader along the way. It was relationships that brought her into the industry and relationships that have guided her throughout.

You have to be courageous enough to make bold moves.

That courageous, can-do attitude is a driving force for Elaine and is evident in everything she takes on. Whether it means hopping on a plane to London with no wallet and £50 to her name or moving to Vancouver to take on a new role, she takes it all in stride. “I started my career by being transferred and moving to Vancouver sight unseen. I learned that you have to be courageous enough to make bold moves and not be fearful. I moved there in 1982 to take on my first managerial role. The 1980s were not a time when you saw many women in leadership."

I’m passionate about people.

Throughout her career, Elaine has leaned on her strengths to help her get to where she is today. Her optimism and passion for what she does and who she does it for is unmistakable. “I’m passionate about people. Fundamentally, I am a people person,” she says. “I’m passionate about my family and my extended family – that includes my work family.”

After starting at MCAP in 2007 in a sales leadership role for Eastern Canada, Elaine worked directly with the sales team. As she explains, “I led the sales team for approximately five years and loved it! Loved brokers and really loved the role and team.” She then spent some time in broker communications before feeling the call to return to sales. Upon her return, she moved into a strategic role where she could utilize her expertise in leadership, planning and sales to solidify a sales strategy for the MCAP brand.

Blue Culture is not about individuals but about how we work together.

In her current role as Vice President of Sales, she works to strategically drive growth at MCAP. One thing she made clear is that the success of a team is not the result of any one person, it is very much a team effort. “Blue culture is not about individuals,” Elaine describes. “But about how we work together, how we come together. Together we are stronger.”

We work in a money industry, but the fact is it’s not only about money. It’s about so much more.

From her own personal journey and her interactions with those in sales and brokers over the years, Elaine has gleaned a lot of insight on what it takes to be successful in the mortgage industry. Her advice, “Don’t compromise your ethics or your reputation – ever. You have but one chance to make a first impression and things in our industry follow. Be true to your own moral compass and let that guide you over the mighty dollar. We work in a money industry, but the fact is it’s not only about money. It’s about so much more. And the so much more is the reputation, integrity and ethics side of things.” For brokers specifically, she encourages them to “nurture your relationships and make people your priority. It’s always about the people.”

What motivates me is the energy I get from helping and supporting people.

In addition to her work in sales for MCAP, being involved in the wider mortgage community and giving back has been an important goal for Elaine. In recent years, she has been an active member on the Board of Directors for Mortgage Professionals Canada (MPC), an organization with over 12, 000 members that strives to be a unified, authoritative voice of the mortgage broker channel and an indispensable resource to its members. A leader by nature, Elaine was elected Secretary on MPC’s Board of Directors Executive Committee, and the following year was elected Vice Chair.  Last year, Elaine became MPC Chair, leading the MPC Board through the tumultuous year created by COVID. While 2020 was a challenging year to take on such a role, it allowed her focus on the people the organization supports, something she is deeply devoted to. Elaine is still active with MPC and currently sits as Past Chair on the Board.

Over the years, Elaine has mentored, guided and coached hundreds of people in the industry, both formally and informally – it’s an integral part of what keeps her going. “What motivates me is the energy I get from helping and supporting people,” Elaine says. “And I love learning and I love a challenge.”

After 14 years at MCAP, Elaine’s journey is nowhere near done. Her courageous spirit and dedication to helping others is part of what brings Blue Culture to life each and every day.

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