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"Blue culture empowers brokers to be successful by providing them with the proper knowledge and tools for them to get their job done."

Danny Rodrigues, Director of Underwriting and Sales, Quebec

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Danny Rodrigues has been with MCAP for nearly 17 years. Having started as an underwriter, he moved to underwriting management then took on the position of Business Development Manager on the sales side of the business. For the last six years, Danny has combined his two areas of expertise in his role as Director of Underwriting and Sales for the province of Quebec.

Having a technical underwriting background, combined with a passion and propensity for working with people, Danny has earned the trust and respect of his employees, clients and broker partners in the industry. “Because I have this background, if there are solutions, I can usually find them,” Danny says.

Working with our customers is what motivates me every day.

While Danny oversees both sides of the business, he is most passionate about interacting with people. “I get energy from dealing with brokers and I love working with clients directly, thinking outside of the box to help them find solutions.” In his unique position, where he has to balance financial risks with customer aspirations, he says he tries to be as diplomatic as possible without trying to influence an outcome either way.

In fact, his management style is one that focuses on coaching and mentorship rather than decision making. “I try to encourage my team to come to their own conclusions and make decisions they believe are best – then I stand by them.”

Blue Culture is about empowering people and gaining trust.

For Danny, this empowering approach is how Blue Culture has manifested in his team. “For me, Blue Culture is all about empowering people. We put experienced, professional people in our roles – people who already have a strong track record of making good decisions.” He therefore sees his role as a guide who talks through deals or situations with his team; empowering them to act on their instincts and expertise.

It’s an approach that translates outside of the organization as well, as he is intent on empowering his broker partners as a means of helping them succeed. Danny explains that the Quebec market is “different in every way, shape and form” from the rest of Canada – from the laws, processes, community and culture.

Our service is what sets us apart.

In a highly-rate sensitive market like Quebec, Danny explains that in light of rising interest rates, it is their exceptional service that will help MCAP – and its broker partners – stand out in the eyes of homebuyers. It is another expression of Blue Culture that contributes to their collective success.

“Getting a mortgage is a very complicated situation in a client’s life. Having the support of a broker makes a big difference for a buyer,” he says, explaining that a broker can walk through the mortgage process in a comprehensive and personalized way. In turn, MCAP supports the broker community by communicating with homebuyers about the advantages and options that come with working with a broker. “When my team adopts the principles of Blue Culture, brokers definitely feel it. And that’s what makes us stand out, especially in difficult times.” Danny’s approach certainly aligns with the Behind Every Mortgage, There Are People pillar of Blue Culture and is a perfect example of how this promise is played out on Danny’s team.

He adds, “while rates have been a great selling feature over the last few years, going forward it’s going to be the service we provide our clients that will set us apart and ultimately help our brokers get more business and a bigger share of the market.”

Be empathetic. Be humble.

With almost 17 years behind him at MCAP, Danny Rodrigues has learned a great deal over the course of his career. The biggest lesson learned, he says, is to be empathetic and humble. “Don’t jump to conclusions or think you know the answer to something – over 17 years, I have learned that every day is different, every situation is different.”

He also promotes the practice of just picking up the phone to check in on partners – whether it’s clients, employees or brokers. “You don’t know what people are going through, so just picking up the phone and seeing what’s going on in their world can help you find out how you can help.” He explains that he really sees his role as a customer service representative. “Regardless of my title, I’m just here to help out in any way I can. That’s the most important thing – be humble.”

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